About Us

American Roofing Products is a full-service metal roof and panel manufacturer, and is the preferred choice for all your commercial, agricultural and residential needs. Serving the region of West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania and South Carolina, we proudly combine an exemplary work ethic with an absolute commitment to our partners.

History of the Company

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Meet the Team

Executive Bios

John G. Blaker


Jason R. Blaker

Vice President

Manager Bios

Kevin Akers

General Manager Columbia, SC

Shane Scyoc

General Manager Columbia,
Dunbar, WV

Sales Bios

Teddy Billings

Territory Sales Manager,
Southern WV / VA

Eric Eames

Territory Sales Manager,
Central WV

Jeff Jarrell

Territory Sales Manager,
South Carolina

Darwin Thoroughman

Territory Sales Manager,
Western WV / OH

Warren Whyle

Territory Sales Manager,
Northern WV / PA