Our most common accessories are in stock – all others can be custom ordered – see your sales representative.


Hip and Ridge Vent
Profile Vent
Vista Foam Closure Strips
Vista Foam Closure
Ridge Vent
Dri-Vent – Vented Closures

Door Tracks and Hardware

Door Track Hardware


S-5-N Clamp
S-5 (Clamp Install Guide)
S-5-n (Clamp Schematic)
S-5-n (Mini Clamp Schematic)
Clip Fasteners
SFS Intec Clips, Bearing Plates and Fasteners
SFS Intec – Impax Self-Drilling Fasteners
SFS Intec Blind Rivets
SFS Intec – Rivets and Riveting Tools
SFS Intec – Woodgrip Capped Fasteners
SFS Intec – WoodGrip Fasteners


SFS Intec – Pipe Flashings – Square and Round Base

 Miscellaneous Accessories

Turbo Shear  – Metal Cutting Shear


SFS Intec – Butyl Tape

 Snow Guards

S-5 – Color Guard
Snow Defender – 4500 and 1500 Colors
Snow Defender – Buster
Snow Defender – PC240
Snow Defender – 4500
Snow Defender – 6500
Snow Control – Snow Shoes


REX SynFelt
REX SynFelt – Synthetic Roof Underlayment
REX SynFelt – Installation Instructions

 Condensation Control

Condenstop – Condensation Control